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Susan Crawford

National Best-Selling Author


"I sat down to write a testimonial for Rowe and there honestly were so many thoughts that filled my mind, I had to back away for a moment to sort them out.  And that's exactly why I'm so happy to have Rowe in my life.  She is organized, but not intimidating.  She's extremely amiable and flexible, creative and empathetic.  But she is structured!  She keeps me on track.  I would highly recommend The Book Concierge to any author."

John Carenen


"Rowe Carenen is the consummate literary professional.  She is smart, witty, hard working, and savvy. A published poet in her own right, she has been a huge help to me as my Book Concierge, promoting my debut novel, Signs of Struggle, and convincing my publisher to begin a series from that first book to the point that she helped me again when A Far Gone Night released in September of 2014. Her sense of humor is quick, kind, and self-effacing, yet she brings strength and brains and clarity to her work. She is skilled in electronic media, networking, editing, and booking events for her clients. A quick study, Rowe is constantly researching and adding to her repertoire of skills. Looking for help with anything literary? Contact Rowe Copeland, Book Concierge."

Susan M. Boyer

USA Today Best-Seller, Agatha Award Winning Author


"Rowe Carenen is a tremendous asset. She keeps me organized, is extremely creative, and energetically attacks each and every project. I would recommend her services to any author."

Arthur Powers

Award Winning Author


"It is a pleasure to work with Rowe Carenen at The Book Concierge.  She truly loves books - and she has a deep understanding of the authors she represents.  She is an excellent source of ideas, insights, inspirations - a wonderful sounding board for marketing ideas.  My social media profile rocketed skyward under her guidance."

Barbara Evers


"Rowe Carenen provided clarity and reassurance about my book at a time when I needed it most.  Her ability to hone in on the story and identify what needs to be fleshed out and what doesn’t helped me move beyond a time of indecision. She shared my vision for this series’ success and helped me with the dreaded query letter, too.  My story encompasses an epic fantasy world.  It’s hard to trim something of that magnitude down to a few paragraphs in a query while providing enough information to entice an agent or publisher.  Thanks to Rowe, I went from no responses to my queries to many positive responses. It was a no-brainer to ask her to help me with the second book, and once again, she managed to nail down the areas that needed work. Not everyone can follow the world-building of epic fantasy, but she managed with no problem. I plan to seek her assistance again when I finish writing the third book."

David Burnsworth


"Every author should have someone who works behind the scenes, helping to organize schedules and remove obstacles. I have that in Rowe Carenen, the Book Concierge. At almost any time of the day, I can send her an email request and have a response within minutes. She is responsible for taking me from having no Social Media presence to over five hundred Twitter followers and over one thousand facebook likes in less than a year. And every signing I’ve been able to book is thanks to her. She truly is interested in helping her client authors succeed."

Kara Zajac


"I am not a traditional writer.  When choosing an editor I was looking for someone to give my memoir direction and focus.  Rowe’s editorial style broadened my capabilities by pushing my limits, allowing me find the depth that was lacking.  Like an un-intimidating friend, her gentle support helped me discover my voice, giving me the courage to narrate the story the way it was intended.  Rowe’s insight and connection, knowledge of the business, and consistent availability make you feel like you have found a partner."

Donna Font
Neverland Publishing


"As a small, independent publishing company, we are always on the lookout for hardworking, dedicated professionals such as Ms. Carenen. Her knowledge and expertise, as well as her reliability and very reasonable rates, impressed us very much. This, coupled with her friendly and easy-to-work-with nature, make her an excellent choice for any author or publisher seeking an extra marketing push for a novel. Rowe Carenen really knows her stuff!"

Eric Bronson

"Rowe is much more than a tireless book promoter.   She is helpful like a caring coach, practical like a good colleague, and straightforward like an old friend.  She is a also a constant communicator, often ending our correspondence with the line, "what questions do you have for me?"  Pablo Neruda says the letters in a book stand 'like a ship’s mast in the middle of the page’s sea of confusion and turbulence.'  Thank goodness I have Rowe as my first mate to help me navigate the unknown seas."


Monte Dutton


"Rowe is diligent, imaginative and resourceful.  I feel fortunate to have her representing me. She came along at what was, for me, an hour of need. I don't know what I'd do without her."

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