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My mission is to help writers write.

I help authors at all stages of the process fine tune their craft

and develop their own unique voice.

Rowe Carenen, M.A.


Although I have spent most of my life writing in some form or fashion, it was at Salem College (the nation's 13th established college and first women's college) that I truly found my voice as a writer and my passion for helping others hone their own skills.  There, I worked as a tutor at the Writing Center, a student board member for The Center for Women Writers, and served as an events coordinator for the CWW.  After earning my Bachelor of Arts in English and Religion, with a minor in Creative Writing, I went on to receive my Master of Arts in Creative Writing, Poetry from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg.

Since then, I have discovered a talent as an "author advocate": helping other writers find their niche and assisting them in developing the business side of the writing/publishing world. As part of my passion for writing and writers, I serve on the advisory counsel for the Center for Women Writers.

My poems have appeared in various literary journals and magazines, including The Revenant Culture, GERM, Terrible Orange Review, the Running with Water anthology, and my first collection, In the Meantime, was published by Neverland Publishing in 2014.  My second collection of poetry, First Drafts from the Brewery, came out in April of 2022 from Unsolicited Press

I love books. No, seriously, I LOVE books. Let me help you with yours.


For more about me and what I do, check out this interview with Rich Ehisen.

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